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    Appropriate Birthday Gifts for Your New-ish Boyfriend

    Appropriate Birthday Gifts for Your New-ish Boyfriend

    In its “Nine Ways to Scare a Guy Away” list, eHarmony tells those in a new relationship not to share intense feelings. Saying “I love you” is not the only way relationship newbies make that mistake. An expensive birthday gift can deliver the same message—one that might not be welcome just yet. Give a reasonably...
    Still Single? Here Are Six People to Blame

    Still Single? Here Are Six People to Blame

    It’s not your fault that you’re single. You’ve done everything Cosmopolitan has advised. You’ve watched every episode of “The Bachelor” and noted what NOT to do. You’ve even lowered your expectations and you don’t expect him to be as perfect as Dear-old Dad. Yet, you’re still looking. Here are six people to blame. SPOILER: You...
    Is "Big" Love the Best Love?

    Is “Big” Love the Best Love?

    I have a confession to make: I’ve been binge-watching Sex and the City. I watched the series finale (“An American Girl in Paris”) this week. You know, the episode where Carrie packs up and moves to Paris for Aleksandr “The Russian” Petrovsky? After the relationship-ending fight with Petrovsky, Carrie makes one of her most memorable...
    5 Reasons You Should Have an Outdoor Wedding

    5 Reasons You Should Have an Outdoor Wedding

    Weddings are increasingly veering away from the conventional and becoming personal events, with the bride and groom now able to choose all the elements of their big day. Tying the knot outside is one such choice you might make — read on to find out why this can be the perfect way to get wed....
    Endless Love: How I Said Goodbye to Innocence

    Endless Love: How I Said Goodbye to Innocence

    If you’ve turned on your television sometime within the past couple weeks, you were bound to see the preview for Endless Love, which is definitely going to be the most romantic movies of the year. The film hits theaters this Valentine’s Day and stars Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde, who play a charismatic boy and privileged but sheltered...
    10 Things We Learned From the 'Singles In America' Livestream

    10 Things We Learned From the ‘Singles In America’ Livestream

    We were able to learn a lot about guys last Saturday thanks to’s “Singles In America” livestream. The event featured some of our favorite people, including Patti Stanger, known for Millionaire Matchmaker and Perez Hilton, known for his gossip website. Since the panel was full of different opinions, it was interesting not only hearing statistics from Match’s...
    Top 10 Worst Pickup Lines... Ever

    Top 10 Worst Pickup Lines… Ever

    It’s hard to go through four years of college without having been subjected to some pretty heinous attempts at flirting. Between my friends and I, it sometimes seems like our list of terrible pickup lines is endless. Below, I’ve compiled some of the most memorable one-liners in hopes that anybody out there who’s still mortified...
    New Year, New Love

    New Year, New Love

    Finding someone you want to spend your time with can be very difficult. In the past, maybe you knew someone was into you and hung out with them just because, well, they were readily available… and you were bored. This year, let’s take that love connection to the next level. No more calling up your...
    Has the Internet Influenced Our Ideals About Dating?

    Has the Internet Influenced Our Ideals About Dating?

    I’ve been single for some time now, partly by choice, but mostly because I haven’t seemed to be able to find someone who I actually want to settle down with. I know, I know – I’m still in my 20s, and I shouldn’t necessarily be on the lookout for my soulmate, the love of my life, my...
    Letting Go: When Is It The Right Time?

    Letting Go: When Is It The Right Time?

    Love is one of the most amazing things we experience in our lives. It can be epic and beautiful, or heartbreaking and painful. Regardless, it is one of the most special feelings, and it teaches you so much. But sometimes love ends — and that’s OK. When that happens, and after the grieving process is over,...
    Tips From "Modern Dating: A Field Guide" by HowAboutWe!

    Tips From “Modern Dating: A Field Guide” by HowAboutWe!

    We were able to have a fabulous launch party to celebrate the release of the new book any single twenty-something should have in her hands, like, now — Modern Dating: A Field Guide, brought to you by one of the most well-known dating websites around, HowAboutWe. The book is written by Chiara Atik with a forward from HowAboutWe...
    How to Go from Lovers to Friends

    How to Go from Lovers to Friends

    Coming out of a relationship with someone can be messy. The dreaded “Let’s stay friends” conversation is one that haunts many after a break-up. Often times moving from lovers to friends can be a bit too much — it’s a tough transition for anyone. After all, you know your ex like the back of your...