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    What Every Guy Will Tell You at a Party

    What Every Guy Will Tell You at a Party

    Ah, hookups – they can be a scandalous story that you can’t wait to share with all your friends or a plain disaster that you never want to remember. Now that we’re all in our twenties, hookups have just become another normality in our culture. We go out, meet someone who catches our eye, and...
    What "Let's Get Coffee" Really Means

    What “Let’s Get Coffee” Really Means

    Coffee later? We should totally get coffee! Coffee Tomorrow? Let’s meet for coffee? Any of these sayings can come across in different ways. It’s not what is being said, but rather by who is saying it. These include: The friend you haven’t seen in ages: When a friend you haven’t seen in forever comes into...
    Is Online Dating for You?

    Is Online Dating for You?

    Graduating from college and finding work in a new city can take its toll on people emotionally and physically. It can be lonely to live in a new place and not know anyone. It can also be quite a transition for you, being around so many people during your years in college to suddenly become...
    The Mysteries of Online Dating: Solved

    The Mysteries of Online Dating: Solved

    As a twenty-something who’s still single, it’s not very reassuring knowing that once I graduate, meeting guys will be even more difficult than it already is in school. So I decided to experiment in the unknown world of online dating – we’ve all heard of it, questioned it, and some of us may have even...
    Single Syndrome: It's More Common Than You Think

    Single Syndrome: It’s More Common Than You Think

    I’m the kind of girl that sort of laughs (some might call it mocking) at words such as “relationship,” “boyfriend,” “dating,” or “long term” — and I really don’t feel bad about it. It seems rude, and I’m not trying to be. To the girls that can handle being in a relationship or like long-term...
    Did the Kiss Mean Anything?

    Did the Kiss Mean Anything?

    Whether the kiss happened with an old flame or with someone you just met and have instant chemistry with, you probably cannot stop wondering if it meant something. In the infamous words of One Tree Hill’s Brooke Davis, “a kiss always means something.” While this is a highly debated topic, chances are if you’re reading...
    When He Doesn't Text Back

    When He Doesn’t Text Back

    Coco Chanel once said, “I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all.” Oh, if only. If only we all could convince our brains to think like this. I truly admire those girls who just don’t care at all. Because although I am completely comfortable with being single, just...
    A Leap of Faith: Rejection, Dating Rules, & Self-Doubt

    A Leap of Faith: Rejection, Dating Rules, & Self-Doubt

    Waiting is the worst.  Waiting for him to notice you.  Waiting for him to realize you’re the one.  Even, dare I say, waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend.  We’ve all been there in some form or another. Why, so many times in our lives, do we find ourselves waiting for clarity and...
    The Truth About Breakups

    The Truth About Breakups

    I’ve come to find that love is one of the most chaotic emotions there is.  It’s desperate and thrilling and tragic and wonderful all at the same time.  When it’s good, it’s an emotion that could take you to your highest high, but when it’s bad, you might feel like you’ll never see a lower...
    To Wait or Not to Wait?

    To Wait or Not to Wait?

    You had me at hello.  In college, this is literally what gets some guys in to bed with an all-too-willing girl.  And then as the tale usually goes, the guy never speaks to the girl again and she harbors an unhealthy obsession with him for the rest of her time at school.  But does jumping...
    5 Ways to Tell He's Breaking Up With You

    5 Ways to Tell He’s Breaking Up With You

    It’s the moment you never want to see coming–the end of a relationship you don’t want to end. Maybe you’ve felt distant lately, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when a split is going to happen when you’re blinded by love (or a nice set of abs). If you’re looking for some pretty sure-fire ways...
    3 Minutes of Hell: The Pregnancy Scare

    3 Minutes of Hell: The Pregnancy Scare

    With the holidays amongst us, I’m constantly surrounded by family, both mine and my boyfriend Nick’s.  It’s not bad.  For the most part, they’re all great people who we love and respect…except for the times when we want to strangle and hurt them.  For some reason, being 22 and in a 2.5 year-long relationship means...