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    8 Songs to Keep You Going During Exam Time

    Get ready for exams! Exam season is approaching and, as expected, every professor has scheduled an exam within the same two-day period. Keep yourself going all night with these energizing tunes that will ward off sleep and keep you focused on the task at hand. It’s exam time. A quick glance at your calendar will...

    Wardrobe Basics for the University Go-Getter

    What to wear? My suit has been dry-cleaned more times than my jeans have been washed this past few weeks, so I’ve decided it’s time to put my foot down and build a grown- up, mini-wardrobe that can get me through Student Government mixers, interviews and senate meetings. I’ve compiled a list of pieces for...

    Online Sources for Picking or Changing Your Major

    Cut out the stress of picking a major. After having one of the ever-popular “what-am-going-to-do-with-my-life?” crises I went to my college’s career-services office. They were uber-helpful in guiding my career research and led me to some excellent online resources for getting the hard data on majors, career prospects and self-assessments. I’ve compiled a list of...

    Fun Exam-Time Stress Relievers

    Need a study break? Three tests, two quizzes, one paper, zero fun — that’s usually the way things work around exam time. The library becomes a second home and coffee becomes the new water. Stress is at all-time high, and checking your Facebook newsfeed or your Twitter updates is proving to be a complete waste...

    Shopping Your Closet

    Old made new again! The concept of shopping your closet became really popular around 2008 when the economic recession captured all of the headlines. This method was a lot of women’s magazine’s answer to the economic decline, but I find that, recession or no recession, this concept very much applies to the typical twenty-something. Whenever...

    Wardrobe Basics: The Accessories Edition

    Girl, where’d you get that?! Accessories, as Kate Hudson in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” famously said, are the “frosting” on the cake. An outfit is merely ordinary without accessories, but it’s quality, not quantity (Coco Chanel herself suggested always taking off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house). Accessories give...

    Ace Your Interview: Looking & Acting Professional

    Your confidence says it all! Interviews are scary. Whether you’re applying for an internship or a position in a prestigious organization, you have a big impression to make under a small amount of time. I have spent the last week in a suit interviewing and reviewing literally hundreds of applications for a position in the...

    Avoiding the Freshman 15: Healthy Starbucks Eating Guide

    Oh, Starbucks… Did you know that your Starbucks order can pack as many calories as a full meal? What many of us consider as a snack, or barely even think about when counting calories, can add up over time. A tall Starbucks Frapuccino has 420 calories! You can eat a 10 oz portion of lasagna...

    Handbag Essentials for the Career-Oriented Girl

    What’s missing in your bag? It’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Before you switch out your backpack for your business professional handbag, read the following tips on what to stock your bag with, for your next big professional event. Mints. Because bad breath has never been in style and gum is never professional. Flats....

    Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trends

    I’ll take one in every color. It’s time to bid farewell to the pretty coral nail polish you’ve been donning all summer and stock your beauty counter with the sultry nail polish trends of Fall, because if the color of the leaves is changing, so should your nail polish. The Classics There is nothing that...