Write: If you have a passion for writing and everything college, career, and life, you’ll fit in perfectly with our team. To apply to write for us, email info@lovetwenty.com with a writing sample and we will contact you as soon as we can. All writing positions are currently unpaid, but great for your portfolio!

Intern: We have writing and editing internships available three times a year — spring (Feb. 1 – April 27), summer (June 1 – Aug. 1), and fall (Sept. 1 – Dec. 9). If you’re interested in an internship either as a resume booster or for school credit, email your resume, cover letter and two writing samples to Tehrene Firman, editor-in-chief, at info@lovetwenty.com at least one month prior to the start of the internship. All internships are remote and unpaid.

Applicant Tip: Send writing samples that are in touch with the style and subjects of the content on Love Twenty!

Advertising, Giveaways, Reviews: If you are interested in advertising opportunities, partnering with us for a giveaway or having your product reviewed, please visit our advertising page or contact us at info@lovetwenty.com.

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