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    Posts tagged "life"
    Book Review: "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green

    Book Review: “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green

    Books are my crack. Or maybe, being a bit less extreme, my literary equivalent to chocolate; I can never read too many of them and am liable to gorge myself whenever I get my hands on one. A few months back, my family and I took a road trip to visit my brother and his...
    Help Me, I'm Poor! 25 Ways to Save Money in College

    Help Me, I’m Poor! 25 Ways to Save Money in College

    It’s no secret: college is a money pit!  While it’s easy to throw the burden of tuition onto your parents, scholarships and next 10 years of life, you never realize how much money it takes to get by each week until you start to become responsible for it.  Face it–you’re never going to have enough...
    Why Crying is Acceptable in College

    Why Crying is Acceptable in College

    Women cry.  And we cry over the littlest things.  For instance: It’s time to apply for graduation, which should be the happiest time in a college girl’s life.  But doing it makes you want to cry.  It’s also time to look for a big girl job, but the stress of it, well, makes you upset...
    How to Balance a Life Full of Craziness

    How to Balance a Life Full of Craziness

    One of the most unique things about most of us twenty-somethings is that we crave having a busy life.  For us who are aspiring journalists, we may take on a lot more than we can handle: internships, volunteer work and a full-time school schedule.  But it will all pay off soon, right?  We can sleep...
    20 Things That Will Make Your 20s Even Better

    20 Things That Will Make Your 20s Even Better

    1. Step away from the computer long enough to get some fresh air. 2. Acknowledge moments of happiness and be grateful for them. 3. Invest in a good camera (or even a phone with a good camera) and take more pictures than you know what to do with. 4. Pack a bag and get out...
    College Courses 101

    College Courses 101

    College is an unforgettable experience. Your friendships and memories last a lifetime and the lessons you learn will help shape you into the adult you choose to be in future. College is a time where temptations are abundant and the choices we make define who we are, but our experiences as collegiates are priceless. College...
    On Being a College Junior: Oh, We're Halfway There!

    On Being a College Junior: Oh, We’re Halfway There!

    Freshman year of college you battled orientation week, dorm life with that crazy stranger you found on Facebook, and received your lowest GPA to date.  You graduated high school and learned the benefits of hospital corners all in the same year – you needed some recklessness!  Sophomore year, though a bit repetitive, was your extended...
    How Not to Crash and Burn: The Ins and Outs of Feeling Stressed Out

    How Not to Crash and Burn: The Ins and Outs of Feeling Stressed Out

    Stressing out is normal. We’re all in college, in our 20’s, and aspiring to be something great. We’re also young women who are prone to stressing out a little easier than men (especially more outwardly, according to studies from Psychology Today).  So, how do we handle these stresses in our lives? There are solutions, but...
    Find Your Joy (And Say Goodbye to Jealousy)

    Find Your Joy (And Say Goodbye to Jealousy)

    A few weeks ago, I got myself stuck in a horrible self-loathing rut. I was on Facebook and saw friends talking about moving into new houses, buying new cars, going to amazing concerts, traveling around the world, running marathons and going on shopping sprees. Then I went onto Pinterest and looked through board after board...