13 Inappropriate Times I've Said YOLO

13 Inappropriate Times I’ve Said YOLO

Sometimes YOLO is a no-go. Check out these times when I maybe could have refrained… 1. Eating a questionable-looking sample at a grocery store, despite being pretty sure it had been sitting there for hours. 2. Going to see Les Miserables in theatres by myself. 3. Flirting with someone after they...
Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Themed Party

Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Themed Party

Everyone loves getting dressed up, whether it’s like a dame from the roaring 1920s, a flirty nurse or their favorite superhero. Make your party stand out by making it a themed affair, from the invitations to the food. Below are 10 tips that will make your party the talk of...
What Every Guy Will Tell You at a Party

What Every Guy Will Tell You at a Party

Ah, hookups – they can be a scandalous story that you can’t wait to share with all your friends or a plain disaster that you never want to remember. Now that we’re all in our twenties, hookups have just become another normality in our culture. We go out, meet someone...
What "Let's Get Coffee" Really Means

What “Let’s Get Coffee” Really Means

Coffee later? We should totally get coffee! Coffee Tomorrow? Let’s meet for coffee? Any of these sayings can come across in different ways. It’s not what is being said, but rather by who is saying it. These include: The friend you haven’t seen in ages: When a friend you haven’t...
Let's Talk About Boy Bands

Let’s Talk About Boy Bands

The perfectly styled hair, the slightly too-tight jeans, the choreographed dance moves and the harmonies – don’t even get me started on the harmonies. A cultural phenomenon that sucks you in, makes you fall in love and leaves you heartbroken when they decide to break up. Boy bands. I’m talking about...
Day-to-Day Bag Essentials

Day-to-Day Bag Essentials

Although it would be nice to bring everything we own, it’s unrealistic to be hauling around more than the basics. Whether you carry a backpack or a bag, we all find ourselves running into those instances where we wish we would’ve brought a certain item. So here’s a compiled list...

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    Meet the Natural Solution to Your Dry Skin — Dove's DermaSeries

    Meet the Natural Solution to Your Dry Skin — Dove’s DermaSeries

    If you’re anything like me, you often get a not-so-fun case of super-dry skin. Moisturizer might help, but trying to apply makeup over a flaky canvas and make it look good is almost impossible. Luckily there’s a solution so we all can have that flawless, smooth skin we crave so badly thanks to Dove‘s new DermaSeries product line. ...
    Appropriate Birthday Gifts for Your New-ish Boyfriend

    Appropriate Birthday Gifts for Your New-ish Boyfriend

    In its “Nine Ways to Scare a Guy Away” list, eHarmony tells those in a new relationship not to share intense feelings. Saying “I love you” is not the only way relationship newbies make that mistake. An expensive birthday gift can deliver the same message—one that might not be welcome just yet. Give a reasonably...
    On the Subject of Things You'll Never Say

    On the Subject of Things You’ll Never Say

    When I was little, I always had to have the last word. When I argued with my parents, even when I knew I was wrong, I thought there was some tiny victory to be won if I just managed to throw in one more sentence. The habit stuck around throughout high school, too. Like most angry...
    Kayla Itsines Reveals How to Get the Bikini Body You've Always Dreamed Of

    Kayla Itsines Reveals How to Get the Bikini Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

    When 22-year-old Kayla Itsines got her personal training certification and began helping women transform their bodies at a training center in Australia, she was disappointed what she was taught wasn’t giving her clients the results they wanted to achieve. No matter what she did, their dreams of toned arms and rock-hard abs weren’t as easy to give...
    Breaking Through a Fitness Plateau

    Breaking Through a Fitness Plateau

    We all love a good workout. OK, that may be a bit of a stretch, but we all know the importance of a workout regimen. A better body, better health, a better mood… exercise provides it all. But what happens when you hit a fitness plateau? You work out regularly, maintain a healthy, balanced diet,...
    BIC® 4-Color™ Pen: Which Color Are You?

    BIC® 4-Color™ Pen: Which Color Are You?

    This post brought to you by BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine. We’ve all been there. You have a ton of different ideas, but you don’t know how to organize all of your thoughts in one place. Whether you’re jotting down what you need to remember for your next exam or trying to...
    Want Free Makeup? Check Out This Gift From Clarins!

    Want Free Makeup? Check Out This Gift From Clarins!

    As lovers of makeup and basically anything free, we couldn’t resist sharing this awesome offer from the popular beauty brand Clarins. They might joke around in the video below, but they’re offering their customers a gift set valued at $102 for free this week, and with all of the products in it, who can resist that? When...
    3 Reasons Blue is in This Spring

    3 Reasons Blue is in This Spring

    Spring is the perfect time to go blue, and here’s why. The color blue has a profound subconscious effect on us. In fact, the New York Times published an article talking about studies that proved just how amazing blue is to us. It has a calming effect on us, making it easier for us to breathe...
    Get the Details on McDonald's Free Coffee Event & Contest!

    Get the Details on McDonald’s Free Coffee Event & Contest!

    We all love free things — especially anyone in their twenties — so when I heard about McDonald’s Free Coffee Event, I was more pumped than I’ve been in a long time. Coffee = excitement, and when it’s free, it just takes it to a whole different level. I’ve been a fan of McCafe from...
    Still Single? Here Are Six People to Blame

    Still Single? Here Are Six People to Blame

    It’s not your fault that you’re single. You’ve done everything Cosmopolitan has advised. You’ve watched every episode of “The Bachelor” and noted what NOT to do. You’ve even lowered your expectations and you don’t expect him to be as perfect as Dear-old Dad. Yet, you’re still looking. Here are six people to blame. SPOILER: You...
    Jennifer Aniston Teams Up With AVEENO to Share the Power of Oats

    Jennifer Aniston Teams Up With AVEENO to Share the Power of Oats

    Jennifer Aniston might be 45 years old, but there’s no way she looks like it, and it’s for a good reason. The AVEENO® Brand Ambassador knows a thing or two about taking care of her body — especially her skin — and because of that, she’s the perfect person to debut “The Beauty of Nature,...
    10 Signs You’re in a Relationship With Netflix

    10 Signs You’re in a Relationship With Netflix

    There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that you’re closer to Netflix than your roommate. I mean, think about it — Netflix doesn’t ask nosy questions about your life, it doesn’t leave dirty clothes all over the floor and it certainly doesn’t snore loudly at night. Instead, Netflix doesn’t make a peep unless you ask it...