So many trends, so little time.

August’s sunny skies means there is one accessory that is absolutely needed – sunglasses! These summer staples come in all kinds of styles, colors, shapes, and prices. Designer sunglasses come with the brand name and sophistication and usually a hefty price tag. Other non-designer brands can have the expensive look of a designer, but with a more affordable price. So with sunglasses, is it worth it to splurge?

Here is my break down on the subject…

I remember being eighteen and working at a department store that sold fabulous designer handbags, clothes, shoes, and everything else in between. I knew that I could not afford those items, but I knew sunglasses could potentially be in my price range with my discount. So I saved up my paycheck and made my big purchase of my very own sleek, black Chanel sunglasses. I remember wearing them for the very fist time and feeling that sudden sophistication that Chanel brings. However, I also felt the need to be extremely careful not to drop or scratch them, which made me very stressed out to wear them. So I tucked the sunglasses safely in their case and really have only worn them a few times since then.

After just graduating college I cannot even recall how many pairs of $5 or $10 sunglasses I either broke or misplaced and can only thank myself for not even bringing my designer ones to college. With the cheaper glasses not only was I able to buy many pairs, but I got to mix it up with the different styles, both the classics and the trendy ones. Even with owning many different pairs, I sometimes saw girls with those Chanel or Marc Jacobs glasses that I really wanted to wear, but just could not do it because of my fear of ruining them.

Nowadays, being a college grad for a mere few months and working full-time, I have decided that this summer I am officially a grown up (even while living with my parents), paying my own bills, and saving for my future big purchases, so I should be able to enjoy my Chanel glasses. I have been wearing these glasses everywhere because I feel like I have earned them, being a graduate and working.

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that some sunglasses are worth splurging for, like the classic ones that will last for a long while. The trends will come and go, but buying those pairs that are style staples will definitely be worth the investment.

So what are your thoughts? Are sunglasses worth splurging on? What about the trends that come and go – worth it to buy designer?