It’s a dream come true!

I probably have the worst study habits out of anyone I know. I wait until 9 or 10 at night, sit in bed with my notes and books, and end up getting a little too comfortable — so comfortable that I fall asleep. Barry Weinstein, the creator of Pillowcase Studies was having the same problem, but unlike me, he figured out a solution to this problem… and a comfy one at that!

Not only are these pillowcases great for when you want to lay in bed and just look over the crucial elements of your class, but they make great gifts as well! Know someone who’s just starting college and majoring in psychology? There’s a pillowcase for them. How about your friend whose dream is to get into theatre? There’s one for them, too!

Unfortunately there’s not one for a wannabe magazine journalist (hopefully soon!), so I got the next best thing — biology. If I wasn’t going to go into a career in magazines, I would definitely become a dolphin trainer. Yes, laugh all you want, but ummm, have you seen the movie Flipper? How can you not want to be a dolphin trainer after watching that… and not only because it stars a 15-year-old Elijah Wood.

The second I put my new pillowcase on my pillow, I was in love. I now not only have some new knowledge floating around in my head, but I know my bio-loving friends are going to be pretty jealous the next time they come over.

This product is awesome and such a great idea, but one of my favorite parts about it is that a young entrepreneur came up with the idea and went through with it, creating a successful company. The power of twenty-somethings never ceases to amaze me!

Interested in getting your own Pillowcase Studies gear? Head over to their website at and check them out on Facebook/Twitter!

♥AUTHOR: TEHRENE, Editor-in-Chief