You’re hired!

I’m sure many, even most of you, have worked part-times jobs while in high school and then went on to be a part-time wonder while in college. For those of you who’ve never had to be a part-time job wonder, I’m envious. College is a place of abstract learning. You learn about theories, philosophers, abstract concepts, and most of all, you’re forced to challenge yourself within a mile of insanity.

While a degree, diploma or certificate look awesome on paper, we all know that experience is an asset as well. So for those of you who have one and wonder how doing repetitive and often miniscule tasks can ever help you get a real job, I have good news for you: Part time jobs are worth it and I’m going to tell you why.

All work builds your resume. Remember that even if the job is not the most spectacular, glamorous or even star-studded as you’d like, every job adds a new set of skills and abilities which makes you more employable.

Practical skills

I know many of us have worked retail or in the service sectors and while the jobs may seem like can’t prepare you for your future guess again. In both retail and service you have to be a part of a team, create relationships, have patience, work in a fast-paced environment and be organized. All these skills are transferable throughout the work world.

Responsibility and Commitment

We all hear the older generations complain about us. We’re not dedicated and we have horrible work ethic. However, if you’re able to find a part-time job where you work throughout your university career, you’ll be able to show employers that you not only have practical skills, but you can show that you’re responsible by being committed to your workplace.

Networking Opportunities

No matter where you work, you will always have to engage and create relationships with someone. By doing so, you open yourself to opportunities that weren’t there to begin with.

Extra Dough/Cash

This is an obvious one, but many people forget that you don’t work for free. By taking on a part-time job, you’ll have more money to save, spend or whatever you feel!