1. Step away from the computer long enough to get some fresh air.

2. Acknowledge moments of happiness and be grateful for them.

3. Invest in a good camera (or even a phone with a good camera) and take more pictures than you know what to do with.

4. Pack a bag and get out of town. Travel as often as you can to wherever you can.

5. Make a point to spend more time with your friends and family in person. Texting, Facebook, and Skype are great, but nothing can beat sharing the same air with those you love.

6. Don’t let your mood or your self-worth be directly tied to your bank account balance. Money is important, but it is not everything.

7. Don’t let your mood or self-worth be tied to anyone else’s mood or self-worth. There will always be people who try to bring you down, but do not let them.

8. Never forget that while you are getting older your parents are, too. Spend time with them and always say “I love you.”

9. Spend less money on clothes and makeup and more money on experiences like concerts, trips, baseball games and dinners with friends.

10. Get a library card and use it. Time spent nourishing your mind and soul is never time wasted.

11. Find an activity you love to do that is good for your body. Dancing, running, yoga, kick boxing, cross training, roller derby and paddle boarding are some workouts that kick your ass but that you will have fun with, too. Win win? Win win.

12. Learn to accept yourself for who you are and what you have done in your life. Made some mistakes? Good. Learn from them and don’t look back.

13. Get some friends together and take a cooking class. Learning to cook well for yourself and others is a skill that all of us should have tucked away.

14. Educate yourself in politics. You don’t need to be an expert if you don’t want to, but you should know how you feel about big issues.

15. Start a gratitude journal. Spend a few moments every morning jotting down a few things that you are grateful for. Having a visual of all the good in your life will be an amazing thing to have when you are having a bad day.

16. Don’t be scared to fall in love, but remember to fall in love with yourself first.

17. Learn to defend yourself intelligently. Fighting gets you nowhere. Name calling makes you look like a child. Whooping someone’s ass mentally is the way to go.

18. Walk away from relationships where you are treated like an option and not a priority.

19. Always be kinder than you feel like being. You never know what other people are going through.

20. Let go of the need to rush through life. When we are young, all we want is to be older. Pretty soon, we’re going to be wishing to be young again.