Are you in need of something to wear, but you don’t have any extra cash to spare?  Pinterest has become a recent obsession of many college-aged twenty-somethings in 2012 (myself included).  Thankfully, the global website offers users with many DIY options for clothing, accessories, hair, and beauty to “re-pin.”  I’ve found myself re-pinning so many crafty ideas that are sure to save me some money when I need something cute to wear in a hurry.  Sure, it takes more time and effort to make your own style, but think about in a different way.  If you take the time to make something on your own, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece with a story behind it.

Here are some cute finds that would be perfect for any summer getaway:

Tie-dying shorts and shirts will never go out of style during the summer time!  To do this with your favorite shirts or shorts, purchase a tie-dying kit from your local craft store.  Follow all directions on the kit’s label.  If you’re looking to make it unique, there are many tricks to obtaining a cool pattern or design.  Make it as unique as you!

Take your old, long-sleeved (but still cute) shirts and make them into something new for summertime!  I saw an example of this on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea.  A great shirt to use is an old flannel or plaid top that you love, but not enough to wear during the cold seasons.  Cut the sleeves off into a tank top and voila!  You have a new, stylish and unique top!

Making your own accessories, such as with beads, string or rhinestones, can finish off your outfit with even more unique style!  This is such a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon.  It’s a fun activity to do with your friends, too!

Have any DIY ideas for summer?  Share them below!